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As a Squad Mod, we thank you for taking the time to invest in yourself, and for supporting other women in their success. Our hope (in Squads and beyond) is that you start open conversations, stay authentic, and create a respectful, kind environment where everyone is comfortable being vulnerable.

The content from both of the training webinars is the same, so you only need to watch one. Here's what we covered during each session:

  1. What are Ellevate Squads?

  2. Overall Curriculum Structure

  3. Squad Mod - Setup

    1. Create your Zoom Meeting

    2. Add Zoom Meeting Information to Ellevate Platform

    3. Send Calendar Invites

    4. Update Curriculum

  4. Squad Mod - During the Program

    1. Before Your First Call (Prep Guide)

    2. What if someone doesn’t show up to the Kick Off?

    3. Update curriculum as necessary

      1. What if someone can’t make it the week of their Hot Seat?

    4. Escalate any questions/concerns to Ellevate

    5. I'm the Squad Mod - what happens if I can't make it to the call?

If you have any questions, you can reach out at

Squad Mod Training Webinar - Recorded August, 15th 2018

Squad Mod Training Webinar - Recorded August, 16th 2018