Squad Mod Time Commitment

During the Squad program, we don’t expect you to commit much additional time to the program outside of your weekly thirty minute meetings.

However, as the point person within the Squad, Squad Mods do have a few key responsibilities. Within the Squad Mod Setup Center (the blue button on the right side of this page) you have special access to Squad Mod controls.

FAQ: As the Squad Mod, am I responsible for taking notes or minutes?

Overseeing Your Curriculum

Any member of your Squad can easily edit the Squad’s Curriculum - if two members need to swap Hot Seats or a member wants to record some meeting notes within the curriculum, they’re able to go ahead and do so. 

As the Squad Mod, though, you have the final say over each week’s agenda. The final selection of Hot Topics is your responsibility, as is making sure everyone knows the week’s meeting.

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Removing Members from Your Squad

Within the Squad Mod Setup Center, you can remove any member of your Squad. They’ll receive an email notifying them of the change, and you won’t be able to add them back.

After the first week, you should remove any Squad members who don’t come to your Kick Off and who then don’t follow up to explain their absence to the group. Read More: What if someone doesn’t show up to the Kick Off?

Throughout the program, you can also remove Squad members who aren’t interested in continuing with the group or those that miss multiple calls without explaining their circumstances. It’s totally normal that members could miss a call or two - they’re on vacation, their kids are sick, they have a big interview - but they should send the Squad a message to explain what’s going on and confirm they’re still interested in continuing forward. 

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Transferring Squad Mod Status

What if something comes up or changes in your life? It’s rare, but Squad Mods have had to drop out of the program because they had a family or work emergency. In this case, please do select another member of the Squad to serve as the Mod, then use the Squad Mod Setup Center to transfer your Squad Mod status. Just as when you remove someone from the Squad, this action cannot be undone.   

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