What if my schedule changes? Can I switch Squads?

We match you with a Squad based on the meeting times listed on your application. If anything changes with your schedule during the application period, you can always update your application here. Once applications close, we'll be matching you with your Squad, so if your schedule changes after the application period, please reach out to us at squads@ellevatenetwork.com and we'll do our best to find a Squad based on your new availability.

Please note that once all Squads are picked and introduced to each other, it's difficult to make changes, unless there's an obvious swap or opening in another Squad. We'll do our best to make a swap if we have openings to do so.

Did you know...? It's okay to miss a meeting or two during the course of the program. Life happens, so just be sure to communicate any shcedule changes with your Squad. Keeping everyone in the loop will make Squads an even more positive experience for everyone.