Should I signup to be a Squad Mod?

If you clicked on this article, you might be wondering...

  • What's a Squad Mod?

  • What makes someone a good Squad Mod?

To put it simply, Mods are the leaders of each Squad; they are the "captains" that keep everyone informed about the program schedule, including reminders about scheduled Hot Topics and Hot Seats. Mods are also the key facilitators for the group discussions, asking following up questions and setting ground rules so that no one dominates the conversation. If you are selected as the Mod, you will be the main point of contact between your Squad and Ellevate HQ.

Your Roles & Responsibilities
As the Squad Mod, you’re responsible for setting up your Squad’s recurring meeting, managing the members of your Squad, and facilitating each week’s meetings. 

Responsibility #1: Meeting Setup, Reminders, & Updates

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Responsibility #2: Facilitating Group Discussions

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Responsibility #3: Encouraging Participation & Updating the Curriculum 
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What makes someone a good Squad Mod?
Great Squad Mods are committed to attending all 12 meetings of the Squad program. They set an example for the rest of the group by taking initiative and following through on what they say they're going to do. You don't need to be a professional facilitaor or career coach to serve as the Mod. However, you do need to be comfortable facilitating group conversations over video conference. You'll also need to be prepared to ask follow-up questions during the meetings and set ground rules to make sure that all members have an equal opportunity to speak with one another. So, if you...

  • Listen to others before you speak

  • Seek to support and understand someone else's perspective

  • Prioritize the success of those around you

....then the Mod role might be a great fit for you.

The role is the perfect opportunity to develop and enhance your leadership skills. It's also a great way to take show the rest of the Ellevate community that you're invested in the success of other members like you.

We encourage you to share your experience as a Squad Mod to encourage your friends and colleagues to join a Squad in the future.