What changes have been made for the Spring 2018 Squads?

At Ellevate, we're always listening for feedback from the community; in 2017, we heard loud and clear that we needed to provide more support for Squad Mods, as well as clearer guidelines and expectations for Squad member engagement each week.

In response, we've added:

New options when applying for a Squad, including choosing a Local or Global Squad and new times of the week for meetings. Member profiles have been upgraded, with career stages and new professional goals, which will help us pick diverse, yet balanced Squads.

Deeper resources for Squad Mods, including a full Help Center with tips and insights, more curriculum options, and an onboarding program of webinars, as well as full-time support from Ellevate.

Clearer guidelines around when members should be removed from a Squad, and a tool to let Squad Mods remove disengaged members. If a Squad member doesn’t attend the mandatory Kick Off and doesn’t follow up within 24 hours, they can be removed from the Squad.

Weekly curriculum emails from Ellevate, with discussion prompts and frequently asked questions, as well as downloadable Goal and Hot Seat worksheets to help members prepare for the program.

Improved handling of time zones for Global Squads; to reduce confusion, members will see all meeting times translated into their local time zone, and can update their location and time zone on their member profile.