I was a Squad Mod last time - has anything changed?

As of Spring 2018

For starters, we've moved from the PDF Squad Mod Guide to this searchable Help Center, where you should be able to find everything much more easily.

Here's a high level overview of what's different: What changes have been made for the Spring 2018 Squads?

As a Mod, there are a few details you should note:

  1. Last time, we had quite a few people scrambling to find dial-in numbers for their Zoom calls; now, in addition to posting the Zoom link for joining your Squad meetings, you can now also post the full Zoom "meeting invitation" which has the dial-in information. Set Up Your Squad - As Soon as Possible

  2. If someone doesn't show up to your Kick Off and doesn't message the group to follow up and generally is MIA from the program, you should feel free to remove them from the Squad. As the Squad Mod, you'll now have access to a new tool to remove members from your Squad (as well as to switch the Mod status to someone else if necessary). What if someone doesn’t show up to the Kick Off?

  3. Last time, the Squad Mod had to do all the Curriculum edits if anyone wanted to swap Hot Seats, etc. We've now opened up access to editing the curriculum to all participants, so you don't need to waste time on that kind of admin work - anyone can swap on their own. You can all also use the "Meeting Details" section in the curriculum to note any resources, highlights, etc from meetings that you want to keep track of together. 

  4. There are also many more "Hot Topic" options in that info center for you to choose from, no need to repeat anything you've done before unless you want to. Picking Your Hot Topics