Squad Mods: Getting Started

What's covered in this webinar?

  1. How this role supports you in your career

    1. Gain more facilitation experience

    2. Hone your leadership skills

    3. Mentor and support other (Ellevate) women

  2. Your tactical responsibilities during the program

    1. Setup the weekly Zoom meeting

    2. Moderate group discussions

    3. Update the program schedule

      1. Example 1: Switch the order of Hot Seats

      2. Example 2: Share pre-meeting reading in the program schedule

  3. Program Curriculum: Key Dates

    1. Kickoff: Week of March 25

    2. 1st Hot Topic: Week of April 1

    3. 1st Hot Seat: Week of April 8

    4. Retrospective: Week of June 10

  4. Demo of the Squads Dashboard & Zoom

    1. Use the Squad Mod Setup Center to input:

      1. Zoom Meeting Join URL

      2. Send Calendar Invite

      3. Update Program Schedule

  5. Tips from Past Mods

    1. Focus on what success means to the members of your group

    2. Connect with other Mods (or members) using Conversations

    3. Share what you learn by contributing an article, video testimonial, posting on social, or just mentoring someone in your community