Welcome to Squads: Getting Started

What's covered in this webinar?

  1. You received your "Welcome Email" for Squads. What now?

    1. Set your goals using the Goals Worksheet

    2. Introduce yourself to your Squad via your Group Conversation.
      Link directly there from your Squads Dashboard by clicking "Message Your Squad"

    3. Share your career story on your Ellevate Member Profile, by sharing your Professional
      Goals and Expertise.

    4. Checkout Zoom and make sure you're setup with the video conferencing tool
      on your selected device.

  2. What can I expect from the program curriculum?

    1. Kickoff Meeting is scheduled for the week of March 25th. This is an opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves to one another; feel free to include both professional and personal details in our introduction. Tell your story in a way that is authentic and true to you.

    2. The first Hot Topic meeting is scheduled for the week of April 1st. Hot Topics are group discussions on professional development topics. We've curated a list of Hot Topics already, but you can feel free to create your own.

      1. Note: Squad Mods can schedule Hot Topics where there is free space in the curriculum.

    3. Hot Seat meetings will start the second week of April. Each member of the Squad gets one meeting where they can discuss their specific career goals and/or challenges.

  3. How can I be successful in the program?

    1. Set aside 15-30 minutes before your weekly meeting to write down your goals, track your accomplishments, and share helpful resources in your Group Conversation.

    2. Share what you learn with your Squad (and with other members you meet within Ellevate)

    3. Seek inspiration from The Morning Boost Newsletter, Ellevate Member Spotlights, and Ellevate Stories. We're here to help inspire you.