What are Local and Global Squads?

Local Squads have members all from a single Ellevate Chapter. Members might be spread across local suburbs or may travel for work, but they share a home base. Local Squads are encouraged to meet up in person at Ellevate events or on their own, but you shouldn't replace any of your video calls with an in-person meeting, as travel to a specific spot at a specific time of day is often difficult for many members.

Global Squads have members from around the world. Members might come from the same two or three cities in the same time zone, or they might be spread across continents; either way, video conferencing enables the whole group to connect online.

If you indicate in your application that you're open to either type of Squad, we'll have more options available and you're more likely to get paired with a Squad. If this is the case, we will do our best to prioritize finding you a Local Squad. However, if you only select Local Squad, this limits our options and may make it difficult for us to find a Squad for you.