How do you pick each Squad?

Squads are picked based on information you share in your Squad Application and information you've shared previously on your Member Profile. To make sure we match you with a group that shares your professional interests, make sure to update your Member Profile on a regular basis.

Our goal is to create Squads that are diverse, but balanced. We aim to include women who are similarly driven and focused, but who may have different backgrounds, achievements, and goals. This diversity - a core part of what makes Ellevate Network special - creates an environment where you can learn from the successes and failures of women across industries. The ability to see things from perspectives you're not usually exposed to is key to finding unique solutions and surfacing strategic opportunities.

To this end, we take your schedule availability, choice of local or global Squads, and career stage into account when matching you with your Squad. We also reference your title, industry, professional goals, and biography.

For colleagues that are in the same company, we place each one in a different Squad. This allows members to speak openly about their current career experiences.