Setting Your Goals

At Ellevate, helping you get the most out of the time and energy you put in - whether it’s at one of our events or when meeting with your Squad - has always been a priority. In your Squad, you’ll have an opportunity to network efficiently and build deep relationships; you also have an opportunity to get career advice from a diverse group of women.

We’ve seen that doing some self-reflection and setting goals for the time you spend with your Squad will help you get the most out of the experience.

Set aside at least 30 minutes in the weeks before your Squad’s Kick Off to work through the following questions. We recommend downloading and printing the PDF version of the Squad Goals Worksheet and writing out your answers by hand - maybe with a cup of coffee or tea or wine? - but you can also follow along below. Download the Squads Goals Worksheet.pdf

Introducing Yourself to your Squad

If you had to describe your life in three sentences, what would you say?

What parts of your usual elevator pitch are the most awkward, or make you uncomfortable?

How will you introduce yourself to your Squad?

Career Self-Reflection

What three adjectives would you us to describe yourself?

What are your three top areas of interest? 


What skills do you want to use more of in your career?

What problems do you most like to solve?

Clarifying your Next Steps

Do you already know what you want to do next? (If yes, what? If no, why not?)

What roadblocks do you face?

What goals could you set for the next 12 weeks?

Goal OneGoal TwoGoal Three

For each goal, what is a situation you might want to bring up during your Hot Seat?
For Reference: Preparing for Your Hot Seat

Goal OneGoal TwoGoal Three

How might you measure your progress towards these goals?

Goal OneGoal TwoGoal Three

Keep this worksheet handy; you’ll want to reference it throughout the Squads program.

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