How do you setup the program?

Using the information from your Member Profile, we hand-pick Squads, matching you in a group of women that shares your career goals and interests. We also nominate one member to be the Squad Mod, who will manage the Squad's curriciulum and call schedule. The Mod will send out calendar invitations to make sure everyone is on the same page about the meeting time and date.

We’ll introduce you to your Squad a couple of weeks before the mandatory Kickoff meeting, a 30-minute video conference on a date you selected in your application. Each subsequent week at the same day and time of the week, your Squad will have a 30-minute video conference - you can join from your computer or mobile phone.

The program closes with a Retrospective meeing, where you'll reflect on lessons learned and share next steps in your career. We encourage all Squads to continue meeting after the program ends and most Squads commit to a group catch-up once a month or once a quarter. We'll also reach out to collect your feedback about your experience.

For each program cycle, you're welcome to apply for a new Squad or take a break from the program.